Product NameINCI AppearanceMean particle size(μm)Features
MICAPOWDER SA-310MICA White ~ light gray or light tan powder26 Natural mica powder with high radius-thickness ratio, produced using unique crushing technology.
MICA POWDER Y-2300MICA White ~ light gray or light tan powder19
TALC JA13RTALC White powder5.0 ~ 8.0 High-purity talc powder produced from raw stones with stable quality, often used as cosmetic raw material under strict quality control.
TALC JA46RTALC White powder7.0 ~ 11.0
TALC JA68RTALC White powder9.0 ~ 12.0
JMIX BNPBORON NITRIDE White powder15 Used as lubricant and pigment in cosmetics, able to adjust their concealing effect, brightness and smooth feeling.
Have good light diffusibility and offer soft focus effect after makeup, able to conceal skin blemishes. Have good extensibility, light sensory that avoid burden on the skin.
JMIX PMS-200POLYMETHYLSILSESQUIOXANE White powder2 Have soft touch and offer dry, non-sticky and smooth feeling.
JMIX PMM-5CPOLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE White powder6 Skin-touch improver. Non-crosslinked microparticles that may swell when used in a solution system.
JMIX PMM-7GCMETHYL METHACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMER White powder6 Skin-touch improver. Crosslinked particle that can hardly swell even when used in a solution system.