7. Other

Product NameINCI AppearanceHLBFeatures
WILBRIDE S-753PEG/PPG/POLYBUTYLENE GLYCOL-8/5/3 GLYCERIN Transparent viscous liquidWhen used alone, moisturizing effect is equivalent to that of glycerin. Have good skin affinity. Able to reduce the sticky feeling of products and be used as skin-touch improver.
Very safe and difficult to hydrolyze.
Able to promote the absorption of water-soluble vitamin C derivatives by the skin.
Water and oil dissoluble. Able to promote the formation of continuous phase microemulsion system.
MACBIOBRIDE MG-120TISPEG-120 METHYL GLUCOSE TRIISOSTEARATE White ~ slight yellow solid17.3 High efficiency thickener that can enhance the thickening effect of other thickening agents. Have no impact on the foaming property of surfactant , improve skin cuticle moisture, low irritation and high safety.
PROSIX GK2DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZATE White powder Main component: liquorice. Inhibit skin inflammation and improve skin roughness.